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What follows are five learner and one teacher persona. These are designed to help students and parents “see” what this school might look like. We recognize that a school so different from what we traditionally know and understand can create a lot of questions and concerns.

These personas are offered to build context and engage you in the feelings and emotions created by the model as well as answer some of your questions and concerns. Linked to each short bio is a longer story of that persona’s “week-in-the-life” of a City View student.


Meet Javier

Learn more about Javier’s week at City View.


Meet McKenna

Learn more about McKenna’s experience at City View


Meet Chantel

Learn more about Chantel’s story at City View.


Meet Sadie

Learn more about Sadie’s time at City View


Meet Jalen

Learn more about Jalen’s week at City View.


Meet Jennifer

Learn more on how City View is the right fit for Jennifer.


Meet Brooks

Learn more about Brook’s journey at City View.


Meet Maria

Learn more about Maria’s schedule at City View


Meet Teacher Charlie

Learn more how Charlie works with learners at City View.